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Hey! Thanks for landing here. This is what you need to know:

I’m a conversion coach and I specialize in helping coaches & consultants convert on LinkedIn from their content.

For over 5 years now, I’ve successfully helped scores of businesses convert through their content on the platform.

Before that, I did the same with Facebook and for the ten years before all that, I converted multiple-millions in sales in the City of London, in my corporate jobs.

But now I’m here, bringing all this experience to help coaches & consultants fix this frustrating issue. Properly. Elegantly. Organically.

Richard Moore has been recognised as a Linkedin Top Voice. Being a noteworthy contributor across the platform within his industry.



There are three common problems on LinkedIn I help consultants and coaches solve:

lead Generation

You’re creating content through Linkedin, getting decent engagement but struggling to get clients from it.

engagement boost

You’re creating content through LinkedIn but it’s not getting decent engagement at all, there's no consistency and no any clients.


You’re creating content, getting engagement and also getting some clients but you want to now scale your conversions to the next level.


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The LinkedIn Client Accelerator is the ultimate training program for consultants and coaches seeking to enhance their presence on LinkedIn and generate meaningful engagement that converts to sales. Through a comprehensive 8-module course, weekly coaching, and direct access to the expert, Richard Moore, participants learn to build a powerful brand, drive inbound interest, and close sales, achieving remarkable success in their LinkedIn journey.


the flagship programme

The LinkedIn Client Accelerator is the ultimate training programme for coaches & consultants that struggle to generate meaningful engagement online that actually converts to sales.


some people i've worked with...

Coaching means nothing without the results. That’s why it’s important for me to make sure that my clients are getting the results and are able to share their successes. Here are some great stories from the students of my methods.

“I highly recommend Richard for his exceptional expertise and content”

Richard's approach was both strategic and practical, providing unique insights on how to effectively increase conversions from LinkedIn engagement.

Richard Van De Bloom
Linkedin & Social Selling Trainer & Expert
"My first ever chat with Richard levelled up my work!"

His LinkedIn content alone allowed me to progress within my marketing agency! I then had a quick 1:1 call with Richard where I managed to go from underpricing my services, to going for those high ticket offers AND closing them 🥳 He's fantastic, Richard has made a big difference in my overall experience on LinkedIn. Would highly recommend to anyone who's looking to

Lara Acosta
Founder of LA Digital
“Listen to what he has to say”

Richard knows Linkedin and how to get you clients in a way that's not salesy, pushy or sneaky. If you want to turn strangers into friends, and friends into clients, listen to what he has to say."

Chris Do
Founder & CEO of The Futur
"Richard is an incredible mentor, provides stellar support on a timely and extremely helpful matter."

Richard skillfully shattered my fears and roadblocks with ease and helped me amplify my communication with people. Clarity and very high resourcefulness ooze from his principles, elevating your confidence and cashflow as a result. He is dedicated to see you thrive and brings the actionable strategies needed to grow your book of business. Anyone looking to work with Richard will experience a transformation and elevation of your Linkedin experience and business outlook. My achilles tendon is no more."

Kirsten Granados
Short Form Video Strategist
“Richard is a BRILLIANT sales mind”

I invited him on my podcast twice to share his knowledge. When it comes to sales, nobody knows more than Richard! I learn from him everyday!.

CEO of YAP Media
"A truly genuine professional who has one intention. And that is, he wants you to win. And he will make that his priority."

I started working with Richard on a 1:1 basis to refine my conversion journey on LinkedIn and all I can say is that it has been a game-changing experience.

Ash Rathod
Brand Strategist & Agency Founder
“Richard is incredibly talented with a wealth of experience!”

I wanted to cut through the noise and work with someone who simply, 'get's it' and then some! No jargon, no frills, straight talking and operates on a much deeper level. This is Richard. He clearly dedicates his time to all things LI and business, and it shows. As a result, my entire outlook towards LI has shifted for the better. Thank you for being one of the actual experts.

Emily Newstead
Co-Founder of BOW Gifts
"Richard is a magnetic, knowledgeable and inspiring presence."

He's taught me how to have the right mindset when approaching a client and how you can link your growth on LinkedIn with sales. He's a people person with a rare charm that draws people towards him- we all feel that the possibilities are endless when we're around him. And that's the litmus test for a true thought leader in my books.

Founder of Speak As A Leader
“Richard is one of the top LinkedIn conversion specialist on LinkedIn.”

What makes Richard stand out is how he monetises personal brand This is something that many of the LinkedIn experts have not yet mastered, but Richard does this flawlessly.

Mellonie Francis
Founder of Are You B2B
"Richard has totally transformed my business"

I love the techniques Richard teaches, as they never feel 'salesy'. Richard is always willing to provide extra support, which was so important to me, as I knew I'd have lot's of questions. Richard is a great guy and knows everything there is to know about sales.

Daniel Findlay
Career Development Coach
“I would HIGHLY recommend him!”

I've worked with Richard to up-level my business on LinkedIn, and I would HIGHLY recommend him! He's passionate about your success - and his no fluff, high-energy approach will help you get RESULTS. Super knowledgable, fun, and a complete inspiration to be around. Thank you Richard!! 😄🚀

Melina Panetta
Founder of Life Design Academy™
"Richard just gave a killer talk to our Thought Leadership group."

The tactical advice he gave was practical and so useful for service providers in a number of verticals. If you find the content he creates on LinkedIn Valuable, it's nothing compared to the value you get when you have the opportunity to interact with him live and direct.

Founder of Eye AM Media
“He has a proven strategy and system that works for him and many other people.”

Richard Moore is a generous, kind person who is willing to show you how to tweak your approach on LinkedIn. He is fully present when he talks with me. I am so delighted to find someone who is an approachable expert in LinkedIn communications. He has a proven strategy and system that works for him and many other people. I highly recommend you invest the time and energy to talk with Richard. You will be surprised at what you can learn in a few minutes. It is game changing.

Sales Acceleration Strategist
"He is an asset to any organisation that is looking to enhance their business"

I reached out to Richard not expecting a reply but my expectations were wrong! He connected with me straight away. I communicated my challenges along with where I wanted my business to be, Richard listened and collaborated with me giving me the high-level information I needed to make a quick impact online. I was invested in his knowledge so I decided to complete his training course which enabled me to leverage his knowledge and expertise quickly. In a very short space of time, I have seen results. In summary, I highly recommend Richard, he is an asset to any organisation that is looking to enhance their business.

Victoria McCormack
Director of PM Solutions
“I actually implemented some of the strategies the next day and am already seeing positive results.”

I recently watched a training Richard led on Lead Conversion and hands down it was the best I've seen. He gave easy, actionable steps to take and specific examples demonstrating the impact of those steps. The insight that he shared was spot on...and made total sense. I actually implemented some of the strategies the next day and am already seeing positive results. Excited to continue learning through his content here on LinkedIn.

kirst cline
Owner at We Write It Now Resumes
"His ability to make you feel in control of your own destiny on LinkedIn is truly amazing."

If you are looking to use your LinkedIn in a way that earns you or your business money by converting clients then Richard is your man. With his vast experience in sales he understand what content, emails and strategy needs to be adapted for your specific business and industry so you can start converting LinkedIn use into client who want to work with you and pay you. I highly recommended Richard and honestly love working with him. His generous with his time and knowledge and for me that is everything. His ability to make you feel in control of your own destiny on LinkedIn is truly amazing.

Noona Nafousi
CEO of Neo Noor
“It was a dream to work with Richard!”

Wow: we had Richard for an event in Oslo about sales on LinkedIn. He was so professional from the moment I reached out to the event was over. It was a dream to work with Richard and he is stunning on stage! 10/10.

Kimiya Sajjadi
Founder of Big Enough Global
"Richard has really been able to help me shift my perspective."

Working with Richard has been one of the best investments I've made in myself and my business. When we first met I was new to the world of LinkedIn and I also felt stuck with the services and systems I had in place (overworking being a big factor!) So far, over the three short months, Richard has really been able to help me shift my perspective with regard to how I work. He's absolutely brilliant at what he does and already I've started to see an increase in my revenue and opportunities coming my way. His attention to detail is also spot on and one of the things I value is his ongoing support, not only during our sessions but between our calls too. On top of that, he's one of the kindest and most generous people I've come across - and he has a cracking sense of humour too! Thanks again, Richard and I'm looking forward to what's still to come:)

Natalie Costa
Founder of Power of Thoughts

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To ensure the best fit and deliver optimal results, interested individuals are required to apply for the LinkedIn Client Accelerator. This personalized approach allows us to understand each participant's unique goals and determine if the program can effectively support your growth on LinkedIn.