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The LinkedIn Client Accelerator is the ultimate training programme for coaches & consultants that struggle to generate meaningful engagement on LinkedIn that actually converts to sales.

It’s a programme designed from my years of experience in sales, conversions and my personal success on LinkedIn doing exactly what is taught in the course section of the accelerator.

Nothing is missed - it's the exact formula I've used to add 120 businesses to the programme.



The LinkedIn Client Accelerator is designed to help you to create an experience that connects your audience and builds your brand by leveraging an effective strategy on LinkedIn to grow, connect, and scale your work.
It sets you up you to create an engaging and powerful brand on LinkedIn and also understand how to close a steady stream of sales on the platform.
When it comes to selling your services through LinkedIn, you want to get the return for all the effort that went into learning your craft.



The Linkedin Client Accelerator focuses on these key objectives


Telling Your Business’ Story Through Effective Content

Crafting compelling narratives and engaging content to share your brand's journey and values.


Marketing in a Way That Warms an Audience and Places You at the Front of Mind

Building a strong personal brand and thought leadership to establish yourself as a go-to expert in your niche.


Driving Engagement That Results in Interest, Engagement, Messages, and Requests

Encouraging meaningful interactions, likes, comments, and messages from your audience through valuable content.


Keeping ROI in mind with a focus on conversion rather than just gaining views

Strategically measuring and optimizing your LinkedIn efforts to generate leads and conversions, not just vanity metrics.


Leveraging LinkedIn Analytics for Continuous Improvement

Analyzing LinkedIn's performance metrics to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for optimizing your content and strategies.



Here is a breakdown of every module included within the Linkedin Client Accelerator Course.


An 8-module program (+Bonuses) covering various aspects, such as mindset development, niche targeting, personal branding, content creation, and sales strategies to close deals effectively.


Weekly coaching sessions conducted by Richard Moore, providing insights into sales and LinkedIn strategies, while allowing participants to ask questions and seek guidance.


Participants have the opportunity to seek personalized support and ask questions outside the coaching hours, ensuring their growth and success throughout the program.


Here is a breakdown of every module included within the Linkedin Client Accelerator Course.


Welcome - How we'll change your world!

  • How we’ll build you, your presence and your strategy up on LinkedIn, to get new clients as a consultant.
  • Some essential rules for success on the course. Doing these drives the results you need.
  • Your module assignments - the key to winning!


building your invincible mindset for success

  • How to understand and fix impostor syndrome and self-doubt
  • Creating positive feedback loops for compound success.
  • Five productivity hacks to 10x your daily outpup



  • Understanding how your niche will gain you rapid traction.
  • Mapping your niche to get hyper-targeted.
  • Creating your irresistible offer.



  • The basics of personal branding you actually need to know.
  • The L.E.A.D system to position yourself as an expert.
  • How to use consistency to leverage familiarity and warm leads.
  • Social proof: three simple ways to use testimonials.



  • Content: the rules that get engagement everytime
  • Nailing your pattern interrupt to stop the scroll
  • The first small conversion: using calls to action
  • Identifying leads from your content: “The Three Buckets”



  • Failsafe connection: using the “comment, comment, connect” play
  • Connecting using curiosity - get accepted 99% of the time.
  • The message formula that always gets aresponse
  • Starting the connection - how to open prospects up.
  • Qualification and validation of prospects: the most important three questions you’ll ask!



  • Gaining permission to ask using two “cues”.
  • How to ask and always get a yes, to a strategy session call.
  • Call structure: how to close in one shot.



  • “The List” - how to keep on your audience’s radar
  • Using collaboration to validate connections
  • The perception of you in the community

bonus 8 modules

need to know additional information to help refine

  • Weekly LI actions
  • Using lead magnets in CTAs
  • Doctor method explained
  • Working with friend zoners
  • Bonus onboarding call
  • Extracting their struggle
  • Isolating their need
  • Audience engagement

the coaching

Every week on a Wednesday, we jump on a coaching call to go through different sales and LinkedIn strategies.

You deserve to be seen by thousands, grow your audience and prosper using LinkedIn so in order to keep up the momentum, ask any questions and learn more, whilst you're doing the course have these group calls.

over 190+ archived calls!

Dive into the LinkedIn Client Accelerator's library with over 150 archived calls tailored for coaches and consultants. This collection covers topics from refining call-to-action posts to mastering hook writing and leveraging LinkedIn strategies. Each call provides actionable insights for enhancing LinkedIn engagement and conversion.

the access

You’ll have lots of questions and that's normal. So out of our coaching hours, you'll be able to get in touch with me and ask any questions you have.

Whether you've got an obstacles in the way, need help with a section on the course, are confused about anything.

I'm here to make sure you're growing and getting the results!



Success stories speak louder than words. In the LinkedIn Client Accelerator programme, I prioritise delivering tangible results for all our members. Here are inspiring accounts from students who have harnessed the power of our methods to transform their businesses and achieve meaningful engagement and sales on LinkedIn.

"I have only been working with Richard for 2 weeks now and I just closed a deal with a PERFECT CLIENT for 4 figures. So if you are asking "does this work" you bet it does! A few things I can say about Richard is that he is ANOTHER LEVEL and has an energy and passion for what he does that I LOVE! From the first conversation I had with Richard, I knew that he had a different approach to how he saw business. He is straight talking, encouraging, supportive, and champions your corner every step of the way.  I am certainly glad that he is on my team and in my corner. If you are even CONSIDERING working with him to level up, build meaningful connections, with clients you love working with AND get paid well for it....he is your man!

Linkedin Client Accelerator Student

Since joining the LinkedIn Client Accelerator I have gone on to generate even more revenue with an elegance and ease that works really well for me as an ambitious business woman but also a definite introvert. Richard is a true gentleman, gives so generously of his time and information, and with our shared focus on impact and results he has supported me so much, and so strategically on my LinkedIn Journey. Thank you, Richard. You really are amazing!"

Yinka Ewuola
Linkedin Client Accelerator Student

"Richard is one of the most genuine and honest mentors I have had the pleasure of working with. I have know Richard for a few years now and most recently he has helped me with LinkedIn. I am a part of his program LinkedIn Accelerator Program and it is a game changer. The most in depth program I have been a part of. The community he has built is a testament to his character. Don't even hesitate to work with Richard if you want to grow your business!"

Karolina Mankowski
Linkedin Client Accelerator Student

"Professional, charismatic, knowledgeable, relatable, humorous and extremely dedicated to your success. What's more, the community Richard has created through his LinkedIn Accelerator Program is phenomenal, it's uplifting and collaborative and through it, I have connected with peers who role model the same helpful behaviour of providing genuine feedback so we can evolve daily."

Mohamed Hammoud
Linkedin Client Accelerator Student

“I have been part of Richard's Accelerator course for a few months now and it has totally transformed my business. I signed a client within a few days of starting the course and have been signing clients ever since. I love the techniques Richard teaches, as they never feel 'salesy'. Richard is always willing to provide extra support, which was so important to me, as I knew I'd have lot's of questions. Richard is a great guy and knows everything there is to know about sales.”

Daniel Findley
Linkedin Client Accelerator Student

I started working with Richard on a 1:1 basis to refine my conversion journey on LinkedIn and all I can say is that it has been a game-changing experience. Richard's experience in sales and knowledge of how LinkedIn works and his obvious interest in the psychology of how we as humans connect and work together makes his program one of the best to be part of. A truly genuine professional who has one intention. And that is, he wants you to win. And he will make that his priority.

Ash Rathod
Linkedin Client Accelerator Student

I've been working with Richard for the last year and can honestly say it's one of the best investments I've made. Like many, I struggle with selling and conversions until I came across his content. It was a no brainer for me to work with him on his program. He's provided invaluable support and advice. He helped me take the one step I was so resistant to doing...selling. And taught me how to do it without selling. I'm now also in a fortunate position where I get referrals that convert even from people who haven't worked with me, but have seen and follow my content. Can't thank you enough and grateful to have you as my coach and mentor.

Sonal Bhaskaran
Linkedin Client Accelerator Student

"Richard's LinkedIn Accelerator helped me understand exactly what I was doing wrong and get me exactly what I needed: a working system that converted my content and interactions into sales.There is so much value packed into this course.In addition to the straightforward videos and worksheets, Richard makes himself available to answer questions in a group setting as well as 1-2-1 which has been extremely helpful when I need clarification.If you are a full-time entrepreneur or running a side hustle (like me) and struggling to make sales on LinkedIn, this course will be a game-changer for your business.

brian rella
Linkedin Client Accelerator Student

Richard has an impeccable genius in sales & LinkedIn strategy. You can really tell, just by having a conversation and seeing his content, how experienced he really is. I learned a ton from Richard's regular content before engaging with him, but since joining the accelerator, my personal brand has propelled me in the right direction. He gives a lot to those who really want to learn and take action and from that, I've implemented what he's taught throughout my content and sales process and seen phenomenal results from it! A highly skilled, results-focused but most important of all fun and a real pleasure to work with, gentleman!

Kiki Bhaur
Linkedin Client Accelerator Student

"Richard has been instrumental in mentoring me in order to leveling up my business. His commonsense approach and knowledge about communicating with people on and off of LinkedIn has made all the difference in growing my business. He is THE BEST to help anyone create a professional presence on LinkedIn and convert that presence into actual business. Also, His overall approach and LinkedIn Client Accelerator is nothing like anything else on LinkedIn. It works!"

Linkedin Client Accelerator Student

Working with Richard means taking your business to the next level. I started using LinkedIn last year to create content but was struggling to convert perfect-match clients. Joining Richard’s program was the best decision. Within only the first month, I closed 5 new clients in my desired space, raised my rates, and developed stronger confidence on sales calls. Most importantly, I learned a predictable and satisfying lead generation system that works. No more chasing clients, only attracting them and positioning yourself as the prize. Not only is Richard a genuine and warm person, but he’s also a trustable leader and expert in the field.

Barbora Pocuchova
Linkedin Client Accelerator Student

"In my first week of working with Richard, I closed bigger deals than I had ever closed before. He helped me to 'zoom out' of my business and look at things with a new perspective. Small tweaks made a world of difference and I now work with my dream clients and charge more for my product than before. If you are looking to make that next step in your sales and want a reliable process that WORKS, check out this guy! PS: The Accelerator Group is also just an amazing community of people cheering each other on. Say goodbye to that entrepreneur loneliness!"

Pascalle Bergmans
Linkedin Client Accelerator Student

“Frustrated with the conversion element in my content journey, I was introduced to Richard by a mutual friend. Richard is an incredible mentor, provides stellar support on a timely and extremely helpful matter. He skilfully shattered my fears and roadblocks with ease and helped me amplify my communication with people. Thank you, Richard for showing me the possibilities.”

Kirsten Granados
Linkedin Client Accelerator Student

"Richard bangs on about leaving the popularity contest in the dust and focusing in on sizzling, hot, INBOUND leads instead. Boy oh boy, does he deliver on his teachings!I joined the Accelerator just a few weeks ago and in just the last 24 hours have been enveloped in the sweet joy of getting 3 INSANELY sizzling, hot, INBOUND leads. The thousands of pounds of business each month these would lead to are almost irrelevant. It's the electric energy I feel in my veins having proven to myself that being authentically me is way more than good enough to be a successful business owner. If you're in any doubt on the ROI of investing in THE Richard Moore, you're literally turning money away!"

vita vents
Linkedin Client Accelerator Student

"Richard is an absolute titan sales leader and he is also one of the nicest people I’ve ever met on LinkedIn! He is an elite sales coach who has simple, proven strategies that work! He doesn’t do fluff or push virality and engagement pods. He instead teaches clients how to be authentic and convert at the same time. I have been in sales for over 20 years and believe we can ALWAYS UP OUR GAME! Richard has helped me get focused on what actually matters on LinkedIn and beyond with offers and techniques that help my clients. Highly recommend. All coaches need coaches."

Stefanie Couch
Linkedin Client Accelerator Student


To ensure the best fit and deliver optimal results, interested individuals are required to apply for the LinkedIn Client Accelerator. This personalized approach allows us to understand each participant's unique goals and determine if the program can effectively support your growth on LinkedIn.